So, you have a fantastic product. Your tech is top-notch and you’re constantly onboarding users. Yet, your company isn’t growing. You’re not able to retain users. Frustrating, because you don’t know why. It seems that your users like your product. But do they love it?

If you’re unable to retain your users, it’s important to dig deeper and identify the root cause of the issue. While it may seem that your users like your product, it’s crucial to determine whether they truly love it. This is where conducting a UX audit (link to UX audit page) can be incredibly valuable. This involves among others an expert review of the design, functionality, and content of the product to identify usability issues and areas for improvement. By examining your product from the user’s perspective and identifying pain points or areas for improvement, you can create a product that not only meets but exceeds their expectations, ultimately leading to increased retention and growth.


Download the factsheet ‘Seven reasons to do a UX Audit’ here.

The power of a UX Audit

By utilising the data gathered from a UX audit, you can address the obstacles that users encounter and implement essential enhancements. In addition, you will receive an expert evaluation of your product’s usability and visual appeal. Ultimately, the recommendations and action plan presented at the conclusion of the audit enable you to develop a product that fulfils the genuine requirements and desires of your users. So whether you have a particular issue or you want an improvement plan of your digital product as a whole: a UX Audit is what you need.

Benefits from a UX audit

Evaluating your digital product is vital for your business. The only way to create a successful product, achieve positive NDR, and turn users into lovers is to know what they expect and where they encounter difficulties. The results of UX Audit are used as a robust basis for the design process and for improvements of the digital product. UX Audit provides the following benefits:


“whether you have a particular issue or you want an improvement plan of your digital product as a whole: a UX Audit is what you need.”


Make sure your users never leave you

The UX audit will give you a clear direction for your product design development. Knowing what ingredients are missing, you are fully equipped to provide designs for the unconditional happiness of your users. A happy user means higher levels of conversion and sales. A happy user is a lifetime user.

Unlock your SaaS product’s full potential with a UX Audit. Discover what’s working, what’s not, and what’s missing to improve user appeal and value. Gain a deeper understanding of your users and their relationship with your product. Want to know more on how to unlock your SaaS product’s full potential with a UX Audit? Get in touch and we’ll discuss the opportunities together.

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