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The first SaaS specialised UX powerhouse just opened in Amsterdam

The first SaaS specialised UX powerhouse just opened in Amsterdam

It is not about you sir; it is all about your users. That is the motto of the new Amsterdam based UX studio: YouSir.

Successful SaaS companies no longer have to ponder about sourcing the right UX-specialists. Newly launched design studio YouSir focuses on establishing a strong connection between users and products while providing a pleasant user experience during each step of a SaaS user’s lifecycle. This improved product design facilitates expanding the revenue of SaaS companies.

YouSir knows its craft

Even though there are as many design agencies as there are stars in the sky, YouSir is the first and only studio to specialize in human-centered design for SaaS companies. Both consumers and business users are using a lot more and different tools. Companies need to ensure an intuitive experience for their products. YouSir has mastered the art of human-centered design. The studio uses conversational design, emotional design, user-centric design, and gamification to make digital products more engaging.

For the past eight years, the design team worked as a part of Amsterdam Standard company and helped many SaaS businesses improve their conversion rates, reduce churn, and increase profitability. Now it’s time for this team to form an independent, internationally recognised design label with a clear focus on SaaS businesses. In other words: the time has come for them to become YouSir.

Leopold van Oosten, former CEO of Amsterdam Standard and co-founder at YouSir, explains that a lot of SaaS businesses are struggling with the exact same problems. “Better sign-up flows, seamless multi-device user experiences, customer stickiness, recurring payment issues, trying to lower the churn, et cetera. Almost every successful start-up or scale-up walks down the same rocky path. We really felt we had to bundle our knowledge, narrow our focus, and create a niche studio with some of the best SaaS specialised designers in the market.” He continues:

“SaaS is absolutely booming, but so many companies are still trying to invent the design wheel themselves while they should focus on their core activity: to deliver the best possible service. Good design is good business. That has been proven over and over again.”

Soraya Meirmans is the lead UX designer, managing director, and co-founder of YouSir: “The best designs are the ones that create happiness because nobody will leave a happy situation. That’s why we concentrate on the user’s feelings and create our designs to make them happy and make them love your product and brand. This is the only way to create a strong connection with your users. Such a connection leads directly to higher retention.”

Users might like your digital product, but do they really love it?
Many SaaS businesses are growing thanks to a successful marketing and acquisition strategy. Yet, they have difficulties retaining their users. Churn is a true problem. Even though the Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) of these businesses is growing, their Net Dollar Retention (NDR) can be negative. This is like bringing sand to the beach: it leads to nowhere.

YouSir provides a full UX Audit service as a starting point. Companies can gain insight into their existing product, identify the hurdles users are facing, and discover what prevents them from being truly delighted. The audit results are used as a robust basis for the digital product’s design process and improvements, which should all lead to a higher NDR.

Expertise goes beyond design
YouSir is co-founded by two leading SaaS technology companies in the Netherlands: Amsterdam Standard and GlobalOrange. This collaboration enables YouSir to combine the power of UX design with knowledge and best practices in SaaS software development, scalability, software architecture, and machine learning expertise. All three companies are part of the recently established SAASmore group.

Would you like to know more about YouSir? Please get in touch with Soraya Meirmans at soraya@you-sir.com.