SaaS Product Design

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SaaS Product Design

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Whether you’re working on a new SaaS-product or are improving on an existing one, you want your users to have the best possible experience. With ever-growing competition and constantly increasing expectations from users, it’s absolutely critical to deliver an outstanding experience. Every. Single. Time.

Standard conventions for better interaction design

Developing a truly exceptional SaaS-product is not easy. Literally every step along the way matters. For you, but even more so for your users. Therefore, we center our product design for SaaS on the sign-up process, onboarding, retention, and extension.

Sign-up process of a SaaS-product.

For SaaS products, signup flow is one of the most critical parts of the users’ journey. It’s the first impression a user gets when interacting with your business. That’s why it can significantly impact the way your product is perceived. So, designing this path requires a deep understanding of the users’ needs, abilities, and limitations.

When your product looks nice, and your marketing team is doing a fabulous job, you shouldn’t have problems with subscribing users for a free trial. Unfortunately, users quite often are not moving further than that. Companies are disappointed with the fact that they’re not able to convert users to paid customers. The reason for that is that the product and user flow, in particular, aren’t as polished as users await them to be.

To get to a seamless flow in the signup process, you need to recognise potential pain points. Mapping out a user journey can help to reduce friction. Decreased friction in a signup process leads to a higher conversion rate of your free trial users to lasting paid customers.

Sign-up proces in SaaS product design

Onboarding process of a SaaS-product

Onboarding is the process of helping new users get started and get engaged right away. New users need a clear explanation of how to use the product to reach their goals. With great onboarding, companies reveal the true value of their product. They teach users to follow logical steps, avoid friction, and progress efficiently. Great onboarding sets the foundation for long-lasting relationships and upselling.

Far too often people see onboarding just as a few screens after signup, while it’ should be much more than that. Onboarding is the online equivalent of white-glove service – holding your customer’s hand and guiding them to their goals. And it goes far beyond their first visit.

Retentive capabilities of a SaaS-product

Retention, the ability to build a two-way and engaging relationship with your users, often comes down to one thing – happiness. When users are happy, they will keep using your product. When users are unhappy, there is almost no chance of retaining them. Users’ happiness is essential for retention. And retention is vital for your business.

Retention can be seen as an onboarding process for more advanced users. You lead experienced users through advanced functionalities, product updates, and new features. You help them see your product as an asset instead of an expense. With each step, you show them the power and ease of use of the product to solve their problems. And look good and pleasant while doing it.

Your users have four options while using your product – upgrade their plan, downgrade, stay with the current plan, or leave your product. Each of these decisions influences your business profitability to a large extent.

Churn is a disaster for your business.

A monthly churn of just 5% turns to a 46% annual churn! It means you might lose half of your users in a year!

To avoid a situation like this, you should track your SaaS company performance with a metric like Net Dollar Retention (NDR). NDR shows how clients value your product and how much impact you’re making on their lives.

With exceptional UX & UI design, you can build a strong connection between users and your SaaS product. YouSir can help you to create designs that bring measurable results and deliver better user experiences for the end-users.

Before embarking on the design process, we recommend conducting a UX Audit. A UX audit is the best way to find out which hurdles users face when using your product. A user experience audit is used to identify what works, what doesn’t, what is expected, and what is missing so that designers can focus on making the necessary improvements.

Start with a UX Audit

Upselling to existing users
When you’re upselling, everybody wins. For your company it’s an increase in the revenue; and for the customer, it’s access to the advanced functionalities. Advanced functionalities can solve the users’ problem quicker, or to a larger extent. Moving users to more advanced features can improve user retention as well. The more skilled your users become, the deeper is their connection with your product. They are unwilling to switch to the competitor, as the learning curve is too time and energy-consuming. When users move forward, they feel delighted; when they are in stagnation, sooner or later they will leave.

Truly great UX-design
Avoid any situation of frustration, worries, and failure. Delegate us the design of your SaaS and concentrate on growing your business. By means of UX Audit and Product design, we can help you to find out the obstacles and debug them for the ultimate user experience. With the human-centred design approach, we help you to create products that deeply resonate with your target audience. Make your users love your product (more) with YouSir. You can bring more value to users and at the same time, make your business more profitable.

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