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UX Audit

How do your users experience your product? Our UX experts review your product and provide you with actionable insights you can work on right away.

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UX Audit

What is a UX Audit?

What is a UX Audit?

A UX audit is a fast and affordable way to improve your product. It’s the best way to find out which hurdles users face when using your product. A user experience audit is used to identify what works, what doesn’t, and what is missing, so that designers and developers can focus on making the necessary improvements.

Every digital product needs a thorough analysis before jumping into the design process. This analysis gives insight into the product and provides you with a series of actionable recommendations arising from the findings.

  • A fresh perspective from UX experts
  • Identification of UX issues
  • Action plan for product optimization

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Evaluating your digital product is vital for your business

Make your users happy

Higher customer satisfaction

Make your users happy. A satisfied user interacts more with your product. He/She is more likely to upgrade their subscription and to recommend the product to peers.

ux audit in user-centered design

Elimination of usability issues

Find out what when and where blocks users from reaching their goals and bothers ultimate user experience.

ux audit ensure higher retention

Higher user retention

For SaaS, user retention is an absolute business priority, as most customers become more valuable over time.

ux audit sets direction for further development

Direction for further product development

Define which direction to take in further product development and how to fix the problems missed during the initial stage of the development.

Signs a UX Audit is Right for You

  • You have an existing SaaS product or other digital product
  • You want a fresh expert view and an honest opinion about your product
  • Your software looks and works quite decently. But decent is not what you are after, you aim to make it amazing
  • Your retention score is not as high as you wish it to be
  • You want to grow your business a lot faster
  • You are afraid that your customers are not truly happy
  • Your users contact customer support too often or you are insecure about product usability
  • You can’t decide which next steps to take in the product development or which functionalities should be improved
  • You are in a stage of changing the product and can’t decide what should stay and what should go
  • Your users don’t convert from a free subscription

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What output does a UX Audit produce?

We analyze your product and prepare a full report including all details necessary for better visualization and engagement. We deliver actionable recommendations based on empirical evidence. We explain which impact certain design elements or formatting styles can have on building a connection with the user. Thus, we help you create more human designs for users never to leave you. Our UX Audit document provides you with:

a list of hurdles your users face A list of hurdles your users face

We provide you with the complete list of the hurdles your users face.

which issues your product has High attention issues

We highlight the issues that require the most attention.

ux audit is your guide for improvement A guide for improvement

We create a report to show you how to improve the performance of your product, how to retain users, and how to turn your visitors into lifetime users.

A plan on how to make your users love you (more)

We provide you with a step-by-step plan on how to make users love your product (more) and stay with you forever.

Our approach

From kick-off meeting to report

During a UX audit, our auditor will use a variety of methods, tools, and metrics to analyze where a product is going wrong (or right). Besides looking at UX best practices we also review business and user objectives. We try to gather as much information as possible to understand your product and business. Sales data, traffic/engagement, customer care data, conversion metrics.

All your questions answered

Not sure how our UX designers can bring value to your business? Check out some of the most common questions asked by our clients.

No, it’s not. We recommend startup companies to conduct an audit before the product goes into the development cycle. It will help minimize financial risks. Our UX Audit is meant to help founders, product owners, designers, and developers see their product through a fresh set of eyes. We review it from the users perspective and in accordance with the best design practices we provide professional advice and an action plan.

Our UX Audit usually takes 2 - 4 weeks. It depends on the complexity and number of platforms (e.g. desktop, mobile, tablet) to be reviewed.

Audits are an inexpensive solution to a costly problem, and businesses should treat such reviews as a mandatory step in a product’s lifecycle. One of the most widespread reasons to invest in UX is ROI. Many reports show staggering returns on usability expenses. Nobody wants a poorly designed product. The cost of bad design can be astonishing. You end up losing users and invest more time and money in designs and redesigns. It’s also worth mentioning that a poorly designed site or app will have low sales, CTRs, and so forth.

Digital products come in all shapes and sizes. We are not familiar with yours yet, so we can’t say. Depending on your goals and priorities and dedicated time and budget, we can review them all, or focus on pages in the most important user flows.

In our audit, there is no actual design work happening. We review and analyse your product, and provide recommendations on how to improve the product and to avoid unnecessary expenses. We outline the following action steps and provide you with a roadmap for improvements that will allow your product to reach its full potential. If you want we can pick up hands-on UI/UX work after the audit where we implement the recommendations in practice.

Of course, the more time you have to invest in introducing your product to us, the better our audit will be. To conduct the audit, we need a few key things: information about your business and a tour through your web app; metrics or feedback you have gathered from users; design and development plans (current and future); any other resources you can assign to help us complete the UX audit. We also need you to provide us with login credentials for a trial/staging account and stay in touch with us during the audit process. Before we start, we should plan audit goals (conversion, ROI, etc.) and a time limit.

UX audit

Your digital product transformation

With UX Audit results, you’re ready to add more value to your visitors, build a deeper connection, and perform a more human approach.

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