What does a UX Audit do for me

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What does a UX Audit do for me?

3 min read

With UX Audit results, you’re ready to add more value to your visitors, build a deeper connection, and perform a more human approach.

You probably know what a UX Audit is. You might even know our spiel; A UX audit is a fast and affordable way to improve your product. And yes, we can easily say that it is the best way to find out which hurdles users face when using your product. With an audit like this, we identify what works, what absolutely doesn’t and what simply isn’t there.

But, if we would be blunt and ask; what do you get out of this? We would tell you this…

  1. A UX Audit tells you how to make your users (even) happier
    Because that’s what we always strive for, don’t we? Making our users happy. Solving their challenges in the most elegant way possible. With a UX audit we tell you where you’re succeeding, and where there’s room for improvement. Happy, or satisfied, users are of the utmost importance for your product because it’s these kinds of users that upgrade and recommend your product to their friends.
  2. Make your users happy
    A UX Audit shows you what challengers users face when making use of your product. The blockages so to say. Basically everything that stands in a user’s way of reaching their goals with your product is identified.
  3. A UX Audit provides you with a higher user retention
    A UX Audit provides you with a higher user retention. For SaaS, user retention is an absolute business priority, as most customers become more valuable over time. If you’ve ever taken a marketing 101 course, you’ve learned that keeping a customer is much more profitable than acquiring new customers. It’s an old piece of wisdom but still valid today. A UX audit provides you with all the insights you need to retain your customers.
  4. A UX Audit provides you with a sense of direction
    If you learn more about the way your users make use of your product it becomes far more clear where to steer further product development. A UX Audit tells you what users expect where, and where they expect more. Or less. Or, different maybe?

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