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Smart SaaS solution for attraction and event photography

The challenge

From marketing photo agency to a self-service SaaS platform

GoPhoto makes attraction photography easier, more profitable, and more fun. Their technology enables efficient workflows, increases interaction with visitors, and helps build new revenue streams.
We have created UX & UI for each digital product in the GoPhoto Suite. The software consists of a camera app (designed for iOS and Android mobile devices and Windows tablets), a photo website, a print kiosk app, an eCommerce platform, and a CMS. Together, these apps provide a full solution for photography at high-traffic attractions. The identity guidelines are kept through all GoPhoto products, but they all have a unique flow and functionality.

GoPhoto about our partnership

“YouSir defined our product of the future. They brought us from a local traditional photomarketing agency to a data-driven SaaS solution that empowers companies all around the world”

Daniel – CEO at GoPhoto

Partners for life

More than 6 years of collaboration

In collaboration with You Sir & Amsterdam Standard, GoPhoto has launched its first version of the camera app in 2014. Since then, we never separated. We created their marketing website and prepared the platform for the SaaS transition. The transformation is ready, but we keep working on improving designs and adding new features. The last feature added to the platform is the option to find your photos by taking a selfie through facial recognition.