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What a year…

Our first birthday


We’re in the final days of the year, and YouSir is just about to celebrate its first birthday. Time to reflect on the past year, and share some of our knowledge on SaaS UX.

It’s been a year to remember. It was my first year as an entrepreneur. I ran YouSir and grew my team just like you would expect from a UX designer; based on the problems and needs of my (future) clients. I’m immensely proud of the team we’ve assembled. We’ve managed to gather more than 50 years of UX- and SaaS experience in a single year. A team with talent, qualities, and drive like no other.

Together with our clients we’ve faced a plethora of SaaS and UX-challenges. We’ve made an index of the most common UX-challenges SaaS-companies face and how we managed to solve them. Maybe yours is amongst them? That makes me wonder, what are your new year’s resolutions when it comes to UX?

Lastly; I would like to thank all of our clients for their trust in our company. I’ve greatly enjoyed our collaborations and am proud of the products we’ve built together and continue building. In 2022 we will continue to build, and grow. We have a lot of exciting plans and ideas to unveil. We’ve worked (amongst other things) out how our designers can be an even more integral part of your team and thus be even more effective.

I’d like to share some highlights and insights from YouSir’s Year-one with you.

All the best for the coming year. for you, your family and friends.

Soraya Meirmans


SaaS UX Studio YouSir
SaaS UX Studio YouSir
SaaS UX Studio YouSir

The past year we had numerous talks with new clients and prospects. We’ve indexed the challenges they met. These are the most common problems SaaS-entrepreneurs deal with when it comes to UX:

SaaS is a specific discipline. In every aspect, also when it comes to UX. Your product needs a UX designer that has experience with SaaS. A SaaS product should feel simple, no matter how complex the actual task is. Also, a designer specialized in SaaS is familiar with all the common pitfalls in SaaS-design and knows how to keep users happy and engaged. Last, but certainly not least, an experienced SaaS UX-designer is able to see which features should be prioritized and can help you steer development in the right direction.

You successfully launched a product. It works, there are users, and just as important, there’s MRR. But, your users tell you that working with your product is cumbersome to work with, it takes quite some effort to complete tasks and some functionality is rather hard to find. It’s time to improve, drastically. Make your product a breeze to use, transform raw functionality into something that your users truly love to use.

A lot of SaaS applications are technically very complex, but that doesn’t mean that the interface should be complex as well. Now, there are few things harder than making something complex look simple. But this is one of the main tasks of a SaaS-specialized UX-designer. Shall we have a look at your application?

The best thing about being a YouSir designer is to work for so many super nice innovative products, like these…

Ciao: Future proof application where employees can book a flex desk with lightning speed.

Ciao is a platform that changes your old office into an agile and flexible future-proof workspace. We’re proud to have helped Ciao to bring colleagues back together. Literally, our research made clear that office people like nothing more than carefully selecting with whom they’re working with. We made sure that this was an easy job, by making reserving a desk 75% faster, drastically reducing the number of clicks required.
UX Audit, UX/UI design

SBD: Innovative application that brings clients back in touch with their families and friends.

SDB’s platform helps people with a distance to society by re-integrating into everyday life. A journey that starts with an accessible application. An application that facilitates healing and experiences that can seem normal to the most of us but can be extremely valuable to some. We’re proud to have designed a UX for this hugely important application.
UX/UI design

MrWork: From complex recruitment app to powerful SaaS application.

MrWork makes sure that talent and employers find each other. Creating meaningful relationships that last. We’ve switched up MrWork’s on-page UX to a more holistic approach based on user flows and implemented on-brand UX standards.
UX Audit, UX/UI design

50 years of SaaS UX-experience

Even though our company is young, and we like to consider ourselves as such; our team of 6 boasts a collective experience in SaaS Ux of over 50 years.

75% faster user experience

In this case it’s the number of percentages we’ve been able to reduce the length of wizards for our clients. Making for much smoother onboardings, registrations and reservations.

22 SaaS-products

We have been working with 22 clients in our first year. Truly more than we could have hoped for, and we’re very proud to have earned your trust.

12 Show & Tells

SaaS-experience is what sets us apart from other agencies. To boost that experience even further we do Show & Tells. Monthly events where we showcase and review each other’s work.

Double the team

We started out our first year with a team of trusty veterans. Marcel, Charlie, Leopold and Soraya. We more than doubled our ranks. We got to welcome amazingly talented designers Yoni, Jilles, Alexandra, Berangere and Margo.

SaaS UX Studio YouSir
SaaS UX Studio YouSir

Start 2022 Fresh

Start the new year fresh, with a clear goal to improve the user experience of your product. Perhaps start the new year with a UX-audit? A UX audit is a fast and affordable way to improve your product. It’s the best way to find out which hurdles users face when using your product. A user experience audit is used to identify what works, what doesn’t, and what is missing, so that designers and developers can focus on making the necessary improvements. Even if you have a clear idea about what you want to improve UX-wise in your product, a UX-audit makes sure you’re making the right choice. Evaluating your product can be vital for your company, and is a great starting point for increasing your customer satisfaction, eliminating usability issues, retaining users and steering further product development in the right direction.

We hope to see you soon. 💙