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You need MrWork

Recruiting the right people for your company is hard

Recruiting the right people for your company is hard, very hard. Just staffing a large team with recruiters won’t help you succeed. You need excellent employer branding, recruitment marketing, and extensive tooling. Or at least, you would think so. You need MrWork, and that’s about it.

MrWork is the perfect tool for harnessing the power of social media for your recruitment effort, for building talent pools, setting up personalized candidate journeys, and using data to reach your target groups.

We met MrWork when they were transitioning towards ‘a full SaaS product’. the company was facing some challenges though. The platform wasn’t user-friendly enough, new clients required considerable assistance with onboarding. But also, with day-to-day usage, users needed a lot of help from support. This is not scalable.

MrWork is quite a complex and powerful product, UX-wise this represents an incredible challenge. Users should be able to wield MrWork’s incredible power but in a simple way…

Our work for MrWork

From a technical and complex product to a simple and easy user experience

As a SaaS-Focused design studio, we understand this challenge better than anyone. Also, the ‘SaaSification’ of digital products is our bread and butter! We’ve done it dozens of times.

In order to get a detailed picture of the task at hand, we started out with a UX Audit. Probably the best way to find out which hurdles users face when using your product. A user experience audit is used to identify what works, what doesn’t, and what is missing so that designers and developers can focus on making the necessary improvements.

After presenting our findings Charlie (Visual) and Jilles (UX) went to work. We dreamt up an incredible amount of ideas together with MrWork’s team. We focussed on conversational design, optimizing the flow of campaign creation, and general feature design. Our collaboration is quite intensive, in the best possible way.

Partners for life

We love our collaboration with MrWork and the whole product team

We meet twice a week to discuss our progress, and Jilles and Charlie complement each other flawlessly like they always do. 😉 MrWork has become a more user-friendly product. Campaigns are created faster and more effectively. Exactly what we set out to do.  Our work for MrWork is still ongoing, and we’re enjoying a wonderful partnership.